Friday Fictioneers: Home

by Eena

This week’s photo prompt at Friday Fictioneers

My 100-word story is about the pawikana large sea turtle endemic to the Philippines. It is threatened with extinction because of poaching, hunting, and increasing urbanization. When a female turns about twenty-five years old her instincts tell her to leave the sea, and lay her eggs back in the shores where she herself hatched. Over such a period, that birthplace can transform into commercial and industrial zones that harm or frighten the pawikan away. Unfortunately, that shoreline is the only land she knows.

Image Source: IEMS

Marikit had been swimming in the Pacific for so many months now that she had forgotten what home looked like. But she’d been there before, she thought; she wasn’t sure when.

Large figures loomed high above the water’s surface, towering over any leviathan she’d known. The place was eerily familiar, but somehow strange. Even the water around her tasted different.

But this close to the surface, Marikit felt the warmth of the sun. That, at least, was familiar.

As she paddled her bulk smoothly towards the shore, flippers sweeping faster, her excitement grew.

It was nesting season again.


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