One Does Not Simply Plan a Boring Wedding

by Eena

Boomer, my four-legged pal, would make a great Ring-bearer: he has no lust for world domination, makes no unexpected disappearances or constipated facial expressions (only the occasional submissive urination) and has absolute loyalty to his precious mistress.

Unfortunately, one dog does not simply walk into Mordor when Mordor in this case is my Catholic church wedding.

So here, take two photos of my ridiculously good-looking dog:

Boomer the Ring-Bearer

Don’t tell my grandma about the ring or my mum about the couch

Boomer the Ring-Bearer

Srsly. What would Middle-Earth be like if a sweet, uncorrupted being, like a dog, possessed the One Ring?

Below is my fangirl poster which turns twelve years old this December, about the same time that The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug shows in local cinemas.

Incidentally my The Lord of the Rings-inspired wedding is scheduled right after New Year’s for three reasons: the convenience of ex-Manila guests, the agreeable weather (no need for the AC), and for leisurely drawing out our two-year engagement and planning.

LotR FotR movie poster

A bajillion’s worth of items I’ll probably need to give away before we move in together (Pray my fiancé lets me keep another poster or two.)

Here’s some cheesy Enya music to set the mood while you read this. We’re definitely gonna hear this one at the wedding.

I wish I could say I was one of those die-hard geeky fans who’ve memorized every LotR song, poem, character/location/decade ever and could read and write in Angerthas and Tengwar (I actually tried that last one for a while), but the thing is I’ve never been a die-hard sucker for anything.

There’s no single artist, author, or band I worship. No masterpiece, literature, famous line. No former leader or scientist. No basketball team. No brand of shoes or clothing. No specific OS or videogame. Learning about all those great people and institutions is great and all, but obsessing over them is a different matter.

By the way, I don’t even have a favorite color. It sounds sad, but when you think about it, it’s kinda nice having little in the ways of attachment. My guru would be proud.

My fiancé and I are obsessed with only one thing (sorry for the cheese): each other. In my silly atheist days (I’m not calling atheists silly, I’m saying I was a silly half-hearted one) I used to refer to him as my “god”. To the breathless delight of my girl friends who took me seriously.

Okay, now that part’s over. Nowadays he and I are die-hard suckers for time spent together biking, talking, dawdling. We’re an odd, informal couple. Everyone outside of our bubble is too sane.

What was initially planned as an intimate wedding for 80 guests has since ballooned into a party of 160 extended++ family members and friends old and new. Not quite epic proportions for a Filipino wedding, but epic enough to warrant a mini-Shire production. We want our guests to drink and be merry.

I thought crap, I might as well have fun planning it.

So we picked a fun theme (think Shire more than the formal Rivendell or Lothlorien of LotR), tweaked it tastefully with the help of close friends, without any intention of turning it into a geekfest. (You be the judge of that later on.)

Check back here before Christmas for the official invitations (Middle-Earth with a twist!) and maybe some more photos of the wedding preparations. In the meantime, enjoy these.

Save-the-date in sticker format

Save-the-dates printed out as stickers. Designed by the talented Paulina Paige. Post ’em, pin ’em, boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew!

“EP” logo stuck onto a bookmark

Gollum stuck onto a precious portable HD

I could totally pull off this reverse tiara! (Image source:

I could totally pull off this reverse tiara without the elf ears
(Image source:

A work-in-progress bonsai arrangement as centerpiece

Sean Parker - Alexandra Lenas wedding

Beautiful stringed flowers rising way up high, much higher than our limited budget. #dreamwedding
(Image source: Christian Oth)

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