Friday Fictioneers: Life After Death

by Eena

This week Rochelle gives us a chase down the white rabbit’s tunnel for a key that opens to a Wonderland of impossibly short but maddeningly good stories. Take a peek or take up the challenge yourself: Friday Fictioneers.

Photo – Rich Voza

You deserve to go to heaven, but apparently Judgement isn’t that simple.

When you die there’s this creep, Destiny, who takes you down a hallway to choose your next life, waiting beyond one of the doors.

You feel like you’re on Let’s Make a Deal but all you have to trade is, well, the short life that cancer took from you.

Anyway, you tell him, you want to be a hero, the kind who makes people believe in miracles.

That’s when a trapdoor underneath swallows you up and next thing you know you’re lying back on the hospital bed, drowning in your mother’s tears, but otherwise feeling healthy as a horse.