Five-Sentence Fiction: Salutation to the Sun

by Eena

This week’s prompt from Lillie McFerrin is CELEBRATION. My non-fiction piece tells of a different kind.

She circled her arms slowly up into the air, buoyed by her fluid breath.

Then she brought her palms together at her heart as she bowed forward reverently, surrendering the breath while containing the energy in her fold.

Flowing mindfully, she anchored her palms on the mat and with an exhale sprung her legs up and back, floating in mid-air for a moment to test the lift of energy from her middle.

When she landed her feet softly behind her, nose just inches from the floor, she gently arched her spine and turned a smiling face up to the sky, marveling at the absence of pain from her injured back.

Sitting back on her heels she gracefully dropped her forehead to the ground, offering breath, energy, and tears of gratitude to the earth.


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