Friday Fictioneers: From the Kingdom by the Sea

by Eena

Dear readers, I hope I don’t insult any poet out there or Edgar Allan Poe himself: For I rhyme in this tale, I hope that’s okay. If not then say “Nay!” and flick your horsey tail. Here’s a link to Friday Fictioneers so you can be on your way. 🙂

Image source: E. A. Wicklund

I waited and waited, my heart never sated
Since I lost my Annabel Lee.
By day the sun mocked; the stars, her eyes, were naught—
Then the waves sent a message to me.

A glint in the sand I reached with my hand;
‘Twas from the kingdom by the sea.
But a colony of birds bore away its words!
Then the darkness of night enveloped me.


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