Act II

by Eena

My offering for today is a brief reflection right after the photo prompt below (courtesy of Sandra Crook) instead of my usual 100-word fiction. Switch over to Friday Fictioneers for your fill of flash fiction.

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are” is a quote often attributed to Kurt Cobain (I can’t seem to dig up any reliable source). I like to tell my less confident yoga students to stop obsessing about the “perfect pose” but some are just content with never attempting the next step, only highlighting their current limits and underscoring their fears and self-doubt.

How you practice on the mat says much about how you live when off the mat. This is as much a message for you as it is for me.

Disclaimer: Rated “R” for language

Hey, you.

You’ve been obsessing about her again: self v2.0 aka the person-you-should-have-been.

Stop. It’s a waste of the person you already are.

If you’re so fucking busy watching someone else, who’s gonna live your life? Who the hell’s gonna write your story?

Is there anyone even watching? Would they care if you missed a step?

Everyone is a mess, just like you. Seriously. The decent human beings are those who won’t care if you screw up once in a while.

Just fucking get up and do something because your story can only get better from here.

All the world’s a stage and every moment is the finale.

Screw the ending.