Friday Fictioneers: Fleet of Foot and Fame

by Eena

I’ve just recently finished Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy. My character here is inspired by the protagonist, a feisty young heroine named Vin.

Every week, the Friday Fictioneers each submit a 100-word story in response to a given photo. The stories’ backgrounds, inspirations, and genres vary widely; that’s what makes them so interesting. Check them out! Visit Rochelle Wisoff-Fields to make an offering of your own. Mine is below. I would appreciate any offer of suggestion, comment, or reasonably violent reaction.

Photo – Al Forbes

Vin touched her winged ankles for luck. The playful tattoos were framed by lean muscles, glistening as she moved about the lofty rooftops with catlike confidence.

As a gifted thief, speed was Vin’s element.

Stealth was but a child’s game.

Balance was her bitch.

It came as a complete surprise to her then when she tripped over her own fleet feet.

As Vin plummeted off the ledge, the last thing she saw was the proud alabaster face of her god, a smirk dancing at the corner of his lips.


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