Friday Fictioneers: Come with Me

by Eena

I’ve been off the grid for the last couple of weeks (what a way to start the New Year) but I’ve a good excuse: I just got hitched! (What a way to start the New Year!) Photos and journal entry to follow.

Thanks for letting me hop right back in the Friday Fictioneers’ bus. The post below is dedicated to my aunt, who battled cancer for two years before finally submitting to eternal rest. She passed away 8,000 miles from home and just hours after my wedding. Thanks, Auntie, for giving the family ample time to celebrate before departing this world. You were generous until the very end.

Photo – Erin Leary


The child didn’t look up. Pale, bruised hands clung to mine. Her wispy hair shone in the dwindling twilight, the grass was soft, the breeze light, but the world still crumbled around me.

How could I tell the girl she was dying?

“Teresa?” I repeated.

“Mm?” Finally she looked up at me.

“The sun’s come up behind the hill.”

A smile split Teresa’s face like light breaking through the clouds. “I’ll race you to the top.”


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